Madison Street Capital Recognized in Mergers and Acquisitions Category

The world of investment banking can be a tough and perilous one. Companies start up and fail all the time, crushed by the big fish in the pond before they can even get started. Rules and regulations can change constantly, leading to increased overhead costs without warning leading to stunted growth and unhappy employees. Customers and clients look for a track record of experience and success, which makes getting started even tougher. That’s what makes Madison Street Capital so impressive. Recently, the Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm announced that Madison Street Capital was a finalist at the 15th annual Mergers and Acquisition Awards.

Madison Street Capital could earn the award for merger and acquisition of the year for purchasing Acuna and Associates. This deal was extremely challenging to pull off because the deal was across country borders. This means there are increased rules and regulations along with a large number of legal fees and taxes to deal with. International deals are almost never profitable unless one side is getting a very negative result. This deal not only was pulled off with aplomb, but also yielded a very large benefit for both parties involved. Therefore, this deal is worthy of being recognized by the awards committee.

Furthermore, Madison Street Capital is up for the boutique firm of the year. Boutique is a certain size of investment banking firm. Therefore, this award recognizes the success that smaller firms have had and helps to catapult them into the spotlight, garnering them an increased amount of interest and traction. Without a doubt, the deal pulled by in acquiring Acuna and Associates is one of the major reasons they are up for this award. More information can be found on the awards on

Madison Street Capital is an investment advisory firm that helps to oversee many different mergers and acquisitions every year. They are committed to helping customers and clients achieve success and grow their businesses to new and unforeseen heights. Using the highest integrity and a unique combination of young ideas from those fresh out of school with the veteran experience and savvy leadership at the top, Madison Street Capital has worked hard to establish an unparalleled track record of successful deals. As they have grown, Madison Street Capital has become a leader in the global economy and world of finance and serves as a perfect example of what an investment advisory firm should be. As they take on new clients every day, Madison Street Capital makes sure that their goals line up with the customer’s goals to make sure they act in the best interest of the customer when mediating their deals. By focusing on emerging markets, Madison Street Capital is always at the forefront of the financial world.