Fighting Back Against Negative Comments

Often, a business or an individual might perform a quick name search online and they are shocked at the returned results. They discover that their business or name returns negative results that simply aren’t true or hurtful. Certainly, it is difficult for a small business to a larger corporation to maintain a positive image with a lot of negative comments surfing around online. There are two actions to take. Simply ignore the negative comments and keep your head buried in the sand. Or take immediate action to bury negative search results with the help of the following.

Bring the Noise
Perhaps, there are several negative comments on search engine results. The best course of action is to bring the noise. Solicit loyal customers and fans to post positive reviews and comments on forums, message boards, and review sites about the business. Ask loyal customers to write positive reviews about the company or their products continually through the year. All this positive noise will bury negative news and comments about the company. Don’t just stop at that point. Remember, that the company’s online reputation is on the line. Keep soliciting reviews and comments from loyal customers and fans throughout the year.

Press Releases
Press Releases are a very good way to build an online positive reputation with the media and the public. Release a new press release several times a year. Release one every time a new product hits the market, on a website improvement, or concerning updates about the company. Press Releases tend to rise to the top of search engine results and bury negative press.

Build Your Own Reputation
Certainly, an online reputation management team will help to bury bad news, but there is much that a company can do now to build their own positive reputation. Start a blog and post comments daily. Build profiles on all the social media sites and keep them updated. Buy up all the popular domain extensions and build websites with positive information, pictures, and comments about the company.

Bury Bad Articles
Every company should take steps to protect their brand name. Don’t let negative comments destroy a reputation that took years to build. The fact is that negative comments cost a company money. Negative comments could destroy the company completely. Bury Bad Articles are the leading authority on pushing down negative press for their clients. We work hard to build a better reputation and positive future for the client.