Dr Walden Highlights the Importance of Empathy in Patient Care

Dr Jennifer Walden is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Austin, TX. Most of her patients are quite aware of just how skilled she is. But it’s worth considering how some of that skill comes into play. One of the biggest reasons for her success is the simple fact that she has a lot more understanding of what her patients are going through than the average cosmetic surgeon. Despite the fact that the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are women, there’s only 180 female surgeons in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Furthermore, there’s only around 12 practicing female plastic surgeons in the entirety of Texas.

These numbers serve to highlight a unique advantage which Dr. Walden is able to bring to the table. She obviously has tremendous skill as a surgeon. But she also has the full experience that comes from being a woman in today’s society. When people come for plastic surgery they’re looking for very specific outcomes. Oftentimes it involves issues which derive from a woman’s unique biology and which men simply aren’t as equipped to understand on anything more than a technical level.

It’s this deeper level of understanding which makes Dr. Walden stand out from the crowd. She’s a plastic surgeon who isn’t just focused on how a surgery will be performed, but also what a patient wants to accomplish with it. This is a broader way of looking at the subject that has a far higher rate of satisfaction than the more limited and technical side of surgery. 91% of plastic surgery is done on women. And as she’s pointed out in the past, these surgeries are seldom done to conform to a male ideal of beauty. Instead it’s about a woman’s own view of herself and what she wants to see in the mirror. It’s something that oftentimes only another woman can fully grasp. And it’s one of many reasons why Dr. Walden’s patients speak of her in such glowing terms. To know more click here.

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