Digital Reputation Management Is A Growing Industry And Polly Morton Knows About It

Digital reputation management has become an important business at a time when just about anything can be published online, and sometimes untrue stories or hit pieces about a public figure surface and become the topic of gossip. But sometimes the negative publicity can become undeserved, especially when the person who’s been the target of it has done more good than bad in their life. That’s where Status Labs has come into play recently, as a digital reputation crisis management firm that works to repair the image of businesses or individuals when it’s been tarnished by negative press.

It can be tough for individuals when they have worked hard to achieve their goals and to do a lot of good towards others, only to see their name take a hit because of something that happened in their personal life, or as a result of false allegations. Darius Fisher, the founder of Status Labs established the company as a means to correct false information about individuals, to get the true and full story, and outweigh the negatives with the good about the individuals. Under his leadership, Status Labs has helped clients of all different backgrounds repair their reputations, including politicians, athletes and celebrities.

Recently, Status Labs has brought Polly Morton, a business executive and experienced consultant to serve on the Board Of Advisors. Morton has done field work in digital reputation crises previously for, and in an even greater capacity she intends to help Status Labs tackle all the challenges facing digital reputation in the corporate world and how to address future issues. Morton brings an impressive resume to the company, serving currently as Vice President at Gerson Lehrman Group, and previously working as an analyst for Hall Capital Partners, LLC. Fisher is hopeful that Status Labs will grow and greatly benefit from her expertise.

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