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How Jason Hope uses Technology to better Human lives

Jason Hope has many titles that can be used to describe him. He is a successful investor, entrepreneur, a futurist and also an active philanthropist. Jason was born and brought up in Arizona in a family of humble beginnings. He attended the Arizona State University and acquired a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. Jason also graduated from the W.P Carey School of Business at the Arizona State University where he acquired his MBA. Jason Hope is a big enthusiast when it comes to technology. According to him, technology is the future and that all people should embrace it and incorporate it into their daily lives. Jason Hope is actively involved in many different projects, specifically research and development, and read full article.

The specialty of Jason Hope lies in developing gaming software, desktop software and devices and also mobile applications. The products developed by Jason are known to embrace connectivity and are made using the latest technology. Jason Hope understands that technology can be used to make human lives much easier and therefore is always on the lookout for technologies that can be used to make human life easy. Jason has been studying technology infrastructures so as to understand the potential trends. He has been serving in this industry for quite a long time and has therefore acquired the needed expertise and experience to thrive in it.

The Most Active VCs In The Internet Of Things And Their Investments In One Infographic#IoT

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 14, 2016

Being a futurist, Jason Hope works with businesses and individuals so as to make sure that they are on the right path when it comes to creating innovative technical advancements. According to Jason Hope, establishing a new business, product or idea is never easy and therefore people need to be equipped with the right knowledge on how to go about it. It is for this reason that Jason has been using his time and resources in assisting young business owners in realizing their ideas. Numerous entrepreneurs who are beginners have great ideas but lack insights and finances to actualize their ideas. For many years, Jason Hope has offered grants to college and high school senior students. Through this grants, students can start actualizing their business ideas as they work on their technological breakthroughs, and

An established philanthropist, Jason Hope strongly believes that his many assets place him in a very good position to improve the welfare of other people. He is a strong supporter of humanitarian organizations, more so that work to enhance the future of mankind. Jason also supports organizations that are involved in anti-aging and cancer treatment, and what Jason Hope knows.

Jason Hope Believes the Internet of Things is Here to Stay

Jason Hope is as big of a believer in the Internet of Things as there is in the world. Hope first got into the industry as an entrepreneur in the tech field who focused primarily on his futurist tendencies. Jason Hope has made a name for himself as someone who can predict and forecast marketing trends as they occur within the tech field and right now his sights are firmly set on the Internet of Things. In fact, Hope believes that the Internet of Things is going to be the biggest industry in the world within a few years. Now how is that for a heads up?

The Internet of Things, of course, refers to the collection of smart devices in our every day lives that interface directly with the internet. Right now we are already familiar with GPS units, mobile phones, and so on. However, Hope believes that smart devices are eventually going to transition into becoming, well, everything. The Internet of Things believes in a connected future where devices all around our personal lives sync together in order to cooperate on some sort of network, ideally the internet. The point of this is to automate our lives, make them more efficient, and decrease waste all while doing so. Time, as they say, is money — and all of those things take time away from us right now.

Hope knows that smart technology is here to stay but he also understands that the Internet of Things is still right on the fringe of modern acceptance. Right now people look at the Internet of Things like it is a topic pulled straight from an Asimov novel or a science fiction film. Fortunately the Internet of Things is very real and it offers us the chance to improve our lives in a very real way. Hope continues to be a vocal advocate for the IoT and we anticipate that his words are going to be heard more and more as we drift into the future. We also expect Jason Hope to spend more time at his own SENS Foundation focusing on new IoT technology.

Jason Hope Ponders the Future and the Internet of Things

The future is here and you need to be ready for it because it is going to take over whether you will it or no. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and avowed futurist. His work has helped to innovate within the tech industry for the better part of the last several decades. Hope himself has been making a name as a devout believer in the future of a connected society — the Internet of Things. Have you heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)? If not, you probably should buckle up and keep reading.

You don’t have to live in the world that the “Jetsons’ created in order to understand that the future is here and it revolves around automation. The Internet of Things, to put it simply, is an umbrella term for the future that we are talking about. Imagine a world that is connected and automated in order to make your life simpler, safer, and more inspired. Right now the Internet of Things consists largely people exploring the technology and tentatively touching where it may led. In the future, according to Mr. Hope, the Internet of Things could be a way of life. As a result, Hope is advising corporations and big money investors to start paying attention to the technology and what Jason knows.

While Jason Hope has staked a lot of his reputation on the Internet of Things, it is far from what he is only known for. Hope is on the board of directors for XPrize — a charity/competition that helps promote tech and innovation and read full article.

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