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Hold a Tranquil Party: Message from a Party Planner

Do you want to know how to hold a party like a pro, hassle-free? Get in tough with the best corporate event planners in NYC Then learn how to do so using this simple tip. You will be assured of an amazing get-together or party next time.


Always remember that a great party starts with the planning stage. Are you finding it intimidating to plan for that big party you have dreamt about all year long? Here is the simple catch. Be organized and start planning the party as early as possible. Maybe the problem with most of your boring parties is that you start planning late and that you don’t remain focused. Are you hosting a party soon? Now you know why planning early is important. Make it memorable for all your guests. Ensure that you have a detailed checklist because it makes the entire planning process simple. Notice that you can also hire professionals to plan, organize and design the party for you.


Are you looking for event planning companies in NYC? Twenty-Three Layers is one of the event planners that you can contact. If you are not an NYC resident, you need not worry. You can reach Twenty Three Layers online any day for all your party needs. The firm specializes in designing and planning for your events. They have a team of inspired and lively experts whose work is beyond your imagination. They will make your next event so dazzling and one that no guests will never forget. Be it a workplace party, a personal celebration, corporate event, Twenty Three Layers will make it glamorous and whimsy, with every detail contributing to the perfection of your beautiful event.


Why should you go for Twenty Three Layers among other event planners in NYC? The event planners have a desirable network with the world’s best vendors and suppliers. Therefore, having them plan your event is the best decision you can ever make. Their experience and touch of class make it the choice event planner for many. Your guests deserve the best; you too deserve peace of mind as you anticipate for your party, don’t you? Talk to Twenty Three Layers and make your next event count.



How To Plan The Perfect Event With Twenty Three Layers

Planning any kind of event can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be stressful and hard. Staying organized and disciplined can allow you to plan the best event possible. Start by creating many lists that can be updated when needed. Listing every task, supply, and guest makes it easier to track all of your information in one place and keep track of everything that needs to be done. Make a list for everything.



It’s easier to plan an event when you can find a theme. If you focus on a solid theme, it will guide you in the right direction for creating those necessary lists. Having a clear-cut idea always makes things easier. After you’ve set your theme and made your lists, start sending those invites out. Mailed invitations are always the best.



When you’re worried about how alcohol will play a role in your event, stick to the easiest solution. Set up a self-serve bar at your event. It will save the cost of a bartender and people can make themselves whatever they like. You should always plan for at least one alcoholic drink per guest. Don’t go crazy on appetizers; keep it simple. It ends up easier for you. Setting up a kid’s table is also a great idea, depending in what event you are planning. A kid’s table could consist of coloring items, snacks, or other fun items to keep kids entertained.



Always allow yourself some time to relax before the event. You should allow for at least an hour of down time before the guests start arriving. A relaxed attitude will always bring out the best in the event. Never forget about showing your guests appreciation; each guest should leave with a small appreciation gift. When in doubt, hire an event planner to handle all the stress.



If you’re looking for one of the best corporate event planners NYC has to offer or one of the best event planning companies in NYC, try Twenty Three Layers. One of the premier event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers offers full-service event planning. They have relationships with some of the best vendors and establishments and provide worry-free experiences for all of their clients.

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