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Kevin Seawright Is The New Leader Of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has a new leader on its team. This is Kevin Seawright. He is from New Jersey. Mr. Seawright can be considered like a catalyst that is able to accelerate economic development here in this largest city of the State. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He manages this by attracting business, growing it and then retaining it. He is doing it in Newark. In fact, he has managed to spur the growth of real estate in the city this way.

Mr. Seawright comes with a wide experience. This includes areas such as accounts, operations, in addition to capital management in various ways. No wonder that he was the top choice for such an important post at the Newark CEDC.

Kevin Seawright has been using his financial experience for over 13 years now. During this time he has managed to make life better for communities that are situated on East Coast. The experience is deeply rooted in financially managing various government agencies on a local level.

He has been with the Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement as its Managing Fiscal Officer. During his tenure, he designed an accounting system. The implementation of this system helped the agency to save over $100,000 in funds. Kevin Seawright was assigned to the Housing Authority of Baltimore City after this as its Payroll Director.

Later on, he joined the Homeless Services Division as its Finance Director. This was inside the Department of Housing and Community Development. Next, Mr. Seawright joined the Department of Recreation and Parks as the Chief Finances and Facilities Officer. He continued working for City of Baltimore like this for a long time.

His last assignment here was as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer. This was in education sector. He held this position for six years. Kevin has also worked with Tito Contractors. This is a position which managed to give him a great insight into the real estate sector as well as small and medium-sized business development sector.

This same knowledge and skill are now coming to the economy and city of Newark. Here the aim is to sustain growth as well as augment its business capacity.