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Kevin Seawright Is The New Leader Of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has a new leader on its team. This is Kevin Seawright. He is from New Jersey. Mr. Seawright can be considered like a catalyst that is able to accelerate economic development here in this largest city of the State. Learn more about Kevin Seawright:

He manages this by attracting business, growing it and then retaining it. He is doing it in Newark. In fact, he has managed to spur the growth of real estate in the city this way.

Mr. Seawright comes with a wide experience. This includes areas such as accounts, operations, in addition to capital management in various ways. No wonder that he was the top choice for such an important post at the Newark CEDC.

Kevin Seawright has been using his financial experience for over 13 years now. During this time he has managed to make life better for communities that are situated on East Coast. The experience is deeply rooted in financially managing various government agencies on a local level.

He has been with the Baltimore’s Commission on Aging and Retirement as its Managing Fiscal Officer. During his tenure, he designed an accounting system. The implementation of this system helped the agency to save over $100,000 in funds. Kevin Seawright was assigned to the Housing Authority of Baltimore City after this as its Payroll Director.

Later on, he joined the Homeless Services Division as its Finance Director. This was inside the Department of Housing and Community Development. Next, Mr. Seawright joined the Department of Recreation and Parks as the Chief Finances and Facilities Officer. He continued working for City of Baltimore like this for a long time.

His last assignment here was as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer. This was in education sector. He held this position for six years. Kevin has also worked with Tito Contractors. This is a position which managed to give him a great insight into the real estate sector as well as small and medium-sized business development sector.

This same knowledge and skill are now coming to the economy and city of Newark. Here the aim is to sustain growth as well as augment its business capacity.

USHEALTH Group’s Mission to Provide Affordable Health Insurance Plans

USHEALTH Group is a company that sells specialized healthcare and life insurance policies. The company, headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, sells its policies through a network of licensed captive agents across the United States. The policies that USHEALTH Group sales are targeted towards individuals and small business owners, their families, and the employees of their company.

The life insurance policies that USHEALTH Group offers are underwritten by Freedom Life Insurance Companies of America and National Foundation Life Insurance Company. They offer both term life insurance policies and universal life policies.

The healthcare policies that USHEALTH Group sells can be customized in order to meet the needs of their customers. The types of policies they sell includes Critical Illness, Short Term Accident Disability, Specified Disease/Sickness, Dental, Vision, and Accident insurance. They also offer an Essential Health Benefit policy that meets the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s requirement of covering 10 categories of health care services. They offer Bronze Level Coverage in 30 states around the country and Silver Level in Colorado and Nevada.

In February 2017 it was announced that USHEALTH Advisor, LLC, the sales branch of USHEALTH Group, had won the 11th annual Stevie Awards due to their excellent sales and customer service. To win the award they were selected by a committee of 77 professionals who made their judgements based on 61 categories of customer service and 53 categories for sales. The Senior Vice President of Marketing, Bill Shelton, accepted the award at a live event that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of USHEALTH Group is Troy A. McQuagge. Mr. McQuagge joined the company in 2010 when he was brought in to reorganize the companies captive agent network. Due to his great success in this effort he was named President and CEO in 2014. He has worked in the insurance field since 1983 when he started his professional career with Allstate Insurance Company. In July 2016 it was announced that Troy McQuagge had won the “CEO of the Year Insurance” award that is given out by the prestigious CEO World Awards program.

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Winning Investments — Active Or Passive?

When it comes to investing Warren Buffet has proved himself right for decades. His style of investing is low cost, simple investments that are bought and held for the long haul. He believes in rigorously analyzing the companies he wants to invest in and build a long-lasting and stable portfolio. His philosophy is that Americans need to save for retirement, to get invested, and stay invested.

Mr. Buffet recently waged $1 million for a charity that he will come ahead in just investing in an S&P 500 passive index of a group of hedge fund managers. The wager will be decided this year, and it appears that once again he will prove himself correct.

The debate between active and passive investments has critically hurt investor portfolios. Several mutual funds provide at best average and poor returns in the long term because of the high cost of management fees and excessive trading. Market volatility also adds to the risk of lowering returns.

Index funds have their place in an investment portfolio; however, the question remains whether they are a safe bet in retirement planning. Investors are not aware of the inherent risk of these funds leading the heavy losses during market downturns.

In comparison, actively managed funds have done worse than the market over a significant period. There are exceptions, however, as Mr. Buffet has remarked. Comparing a smart investor who has put $10,000 in the S&P 500 and made over a million dollars today,

A $10,000 investment into best five active Funds — The Growth Fund of America, AMCAP, Washington Mutual Investors Funds, The Investor Company of America, and American Mutual Fund — has done much better than the savvy investor who has put the same dollar amount in a passive S&P 500 index fund.

Is there a simple formula for investors to identify mutual funds? Looking for funds with low costs and a significant personal investment of the managers will give better results.

Check out: Capital Group Parent Names Amour Chairman, Replacing Rothenberg

Mr. Tim Armour is the Chairman, Director and Principal Executive Officer at Capital Research and Management Company. He also serves as an Equity Portfolio Manager and Chairman at The Capital Group Companies, Inc. He has extensive investment experience. He was appointed chairman in July 2015. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College in Vermont. Tim is based in Los Angeles.

His advice to investors is that they should find active managers who heavily invest in their funds, “the best managers spend time researching companies — applying in-depth analysis to inform their views and to uncover insights on the companies’ future prospects.”

His philosophy, “our number one mantra is we will get you better returns over time.”

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Hold a Tranquil Party: Message from a Party Planner

Do you want to know how to hold a party like a pro, hassle-free? Get in tough with the best corporate event planners in NYC Then learn how to do so using this simple tip. You will be assured of an amazing get-together or party next time.


Always remember that a great party starts with the planning stage. Are you finding it intimidating to plan for that big party you have dreamt about all year long? Here is the simple catch. Be organized and start planning the party as early as possible. Maybe the problem with most of your boring parties is that you start planning late and that you don’t remain focused. Are you hosting a party soon? Now you know why planning early is important. Make it memorable for all your guests. Ensure that you have a detailed checklist because it makes the entire planning process simple. Notice that you can also hire professionals to plan, organize and design the party for you.


Are you looking for event planning companies in NYC? Twenty-Three Layers is one of the event planners that you can contact. If you are not an NYC resident, you need not worry. You can reach Twenty Three Layers online any day for all your party needs. The firm specializes in designing and planning for your events. They have a team of inspired and lively experts whose work is beyond your imagination. They will make your next event so dazzling and one that no guests will never forget. Be it a workplace party, a personal celebration, corporate event, Twenty Three Layers will make it glamorous and whimsy, with every detail contributing to the perfection of your beautiful event.


Why should you go for Twenty Three Layers among other event planners in NYC? The event planners have a desirable network with the world’s best vendors and suppliers. Therefore, having them plan your event is the best decision you can ever make. Their experience and touch of class make it the choice event planner for many. Your guests deserve the best; you too deserve peace of mind as you anticipate for your party, don’t you? Talk to Twenty Three Layers and make your next event count.



Todd Lubar’s Impeccable Career

Growth is an important aspect of this life. It could be in relationships, economically or even health. We need to show some progress in these areas to know that we are moving in the right direction. One thing that can spur growth is passion. Passion is having one thing that makes you wake up early in the morning or sleep late at night while working. As for Todd Lubar, he has managed to show some progress in his life and also has a passion. This has made him become one of the most respected figures in the real estate and financial industries.

Talking about his passion; is to become a better person that he is today while at the same time bettering the life of the people around him. He has also shown progress having worked for some of the best companies in the real estate industry up to the point of establishing his companies. Some of the firms that Todd Lubar has worked for include Crestar Mortgage Corporation as well as the Legacy Financial Group. Some of the firms that he has established include the Legendary Properties, Charter Funding and Legendary Properties LLC. These are companies that have proved to be very successful earning him millions in the process. For instance, the Legendary Properties has managed to conduct over 7000 transactions since the year 2002. His major clients include individuals, families, small entities and large entities.

At the moment, Todd Lubar is the president of a company called TDL Ventures (, where he is involved with the day to day operations. The many years of experience have made him understand the ins and outs of the real estate industry. He is a man who is usually driven by circumstances and experience. Having suffered tremendous losses in the year 2008, Todd Lubar decided to invest in other industries to avoid such a disaster again. Currently, he is a proud owner of a demolition company and a night club. Among his notable hobbies include traveling, golfing and spending time with his dear family. Todd Lubar is an advocate for honesty and trust among people working in the real estate industry.

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How To Plan The Perfect Event With Twenty Three Layers

Planning any kind of event can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be stressful and hard. Staying organized and disciplined can allow you to plan the best event possible. Start by creating many lists that can be updated when needed. Listing every task, supply, and guest makes it easier to track all of your information in one place and keep track of everything that needs to be done. Make a list for everything.



It’s easier to plan an event when you can find a theme. If you focus on a solid theme, it will guide you in the right direction for creating those necessary lists. Having a clear-cut idea always makes things easier. After you’ve set your theme and made your lists, start sending those invites out. Mailed invitations are always the best.



When you’re worried about how alcohol will play a role in your event, stick to the easiest solution. Set up a self-serve bar at your event. It will save the cost of a bartender and people can make themselves whatever they like. You should always plan for at least one alcoholic drink per guest. Don’t go crazy on appetizers; keep it simple. It ends up easier for you. Setting up a kid’s table is also a great idea, depending in what event you are planning. A kid’s table could consist of coloring items, snacks, or other fun items to keep kids entertained.



Always allow yourself some time to relax before the event. You should allow for at least an hour of down time before the guests start arriving. A relaxed attitude will always bring out the best in the event. Never forget about showing your guests appreciation; each guest should leave with a small appreciation gift. When in doubt, hire an event planner to handle all the stress.



If you’re looking for one of the best corporate event planners NYC has to offer or one of the best event planning companies in NYC, try Twenty Three Layers. One of the premier event planners in NYC, Twenty Three Layers offers full-service event planning. They have relationships with some of the best vendors and establishments and provide worry-free experiences for all of their clients.

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Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Eric Pulier

From an early age, Eric Pulier was interested in computers and technology. In fourth grade, he was programming computers and by the time he was in high school he had created a database computer company. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1988 where he majored in English and American literature. He also wrote nearly 30 articles for The Harvard Crimson during his final years at the university. From there, he has gone on to found a multitude of companies and is currently the Chief Technology Officer, Secretary, and Director of Santa Monica Media Corporation.


Mr. Pulier is a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative and he participated in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Some of the many companies he has either founded or co-founded include Media Platform and Desktone. Media Platform is the leading rich media video platform then enables on-demand video content management. Desktone offers desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) which delivers Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service.


During his career, his philanthropic interests have led him to become a donor to several charitable organizations. He sits on the board of the X-Prize Foundation, who designs and organizes competitions that are intended to encourage technological advances for worldwide benefits. Mr. Pulier also is involved with The Painted Turtle. This organization has created a summer camp in California for children who face life-threatening and chronic illness.


As a well-known author and public speaker, Eric Pulier has been able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the ventures he has founded and co-founded. In his book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, he advises technologists and business people on how to move between technology and business-level concerns with confidence. His life-long love of technology and his drive to help others reach their full potential is abundantly clear in all of the works he has accomplished.

Nathaniel Ru – article recap

Sweetgreen offers a fast-casual dining experience tailored towards consumers who like fresh and healthy food. Since opening its first store in 2007, the management did not look back as the increasing demand for its products forced the company to open several store fronts in major cities across the United States. So far, there are more than 1,700 highly dedicated employees who work at Sweetgreen.


According to its founder, Nathaniel Ru, the food chain distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering healthy and freshly produced snacks that are offered in large quantities. It also means that the customer does not feel hungry after 45 minutes. In fact, generous quantities of salad and related ingredients are backed by very reasonable prices.


Explaining Sweetgreen’s success, Nathaniel indicated that he wanted to open his store in localities where customers would like to take three meals a day. Based on the idea, his outlets are not located on busy streets of downtown where most of the customer are either visitors or professionals who mostly come out for a quick lunch. Instead, stores are located in hip and trendy neighborhoods where there is a substantial local population who crave for a healthy food all day long. As a result, the demographics of the clients are typical locals who love active lifestyle. As such, these locals are willing to wait 10 to 15 minutes in line three times a day to get a more personalized service.


The success is also attributed to the open-kitchen where customers can easily view the different ingredients. As soon as the customer walks in a Sweetgreen store, they are welcomed by a fresh aroma of food. The clean and organized environment also has a positive impact on the customer who are always greeted by smiling customer service agents willing to help. The service is extended with one-on-one personalized service where each customer is taken through the preparation process of the meal. Doing so, helps the customer make their own decisions. In fact, the added time to provide customer service is compensated by increased customer satisfaction.


Nathaniel Ru also explained that all of their ingredients are transported from over 300 farms around the nation every day. In addition, the company also offer newer ingredients. As such, the seasonal menu rotates several times during the year. Giving an example of new produce, Nathaniel explained how they convinced a farmer in California to sell them leaves of the Broccoli crown, which are often ignored.


The company has become a taught leader in its industry. Banking on its success, Sweetgreen has ventured into other sectors including music festivals, philanthropy, and lifestyle space. As of 2016, the company operated 64 stores in several major U.S. States.


Marc Sparks: Why He Encourages Entrepreneurs

One thing that could be said for Marc Sparks is that he encourages entrepreneurs. One thing that could be said is that aspiring entrepreneurs deserve a lot of respect. For one thing, there is no sense in settling for a job one does not like. There are a lot of issues that come as a result of people working jobs that they do not like.

Among the issues that come as a result of working a job that one does not like is that there is an overall sense of misery. Another issue is that depending on the job, the service is going to be lacking. This is one of the reasons it is a good idea to be an entrepreneur.

One advantage to being an entrepreneur is that it gives people a chance to find something that they really like. There is a joy that comes with doing what one wants and even succeeding at it. This is one of the reasons that Marc Sparks is someone that is very passionate about building businesses.

Since he has built a lot of successful businesses, he understands what it takes for businesses to get off the ground and make the revenue that it needs. He has also made some failures so he understands the frustrations that come with failed businesses.

If everyone takes the time to find the type of job they want, then the world will likely be a happier place. Also, people will be more likely to do things for one another. People that settle for just a job often find themselves unsatisfied with their lives.

At the same time, people who settle for regular jobs feel a lot of pressure. They also find themselves struggling to keep their way of life. Marc Sparks knows that people want more and is willing to help people find the path for more.

Davos Real Estate Group Announces the Launching of their New Mobile Application: Davos CAP Calculator

Davos Real Estate Group (REG), has officially announced the launching of their recent developed mobile application; “Davos CAP Calculator” to their clients. The firm was founded by David Osio, as an independent company that forms part of Davis Financial Group, a company that offers financial advice in the larger part of Latin America. The organization’s key objective is the formulation of investment strategies that meet the needs of each client through the combination of premium products within the regulatory framework.

The firm operates under the leadership of David Osio, Gerard González, and Pablo Bausil. The new application was developed in collaboration with Tecknolution and is aimed at estimating real estate investment returns based on client’s interests. It also purposes to estimate gains on an investment property after considering associated expenses on a property.

The application, developed on the latest technology is available on both Android and iPhone platforms. This is the beginning point of a range of apps that have the ability to identify properties using mobile devices and forward reports to agents at Davos through an interactive chat.

During the launch, Davis Osio said that the need to develop the app stems from the desire of the organization to assist clients financially when investing in real estate in the United States.

Apart from estimating the price of rent on a property, the Davos CAP Calculator will help Davos clients estimate their mortgage, its funding period and the associated interest rate using the Mortgage Calculator. According to Gerard González, the application would help clients have a clearer financial vision when purchasing the property.

While still working on the Davos CAP calculator, Davos real estate group has been engaged in developing new strategic partnerships internationally with real estate agents while expanding their borders to Europe beginning from Spain.

Expansion of their agents by more than 60% has seen REG Davos increase its sales by over 75% during the first half of 2016.

About David Osio

David Osio is a graduate lawyer with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello’s in Caracas. He began his career as a legal director in Venezuela providing legal advice to Ferro and Consolidated Bank who were multinational clients at the Legal Desk MGO.

Being the CEO of Davos Real Estate Group, he is responsible for the domestic and global strategy of the firm. His extensive experience on financial matters and strategy is built on among other experiences. Such experiences include his service as Vice President on Commercial Banking from 1980 to 1983 at Bunco Latino International in Miami.