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Who is Ricardo Tosto?

The legal profession is one of those famous careers in the history of Brazil that have over 26,000 qualified lawyers. Majority of them are located at the country’s headquarters and they have become great people with a great reputation in the country. Ricardo Tosto has been on the frontline working for better governance and fighting for the rights of his clients. His call of duty is composed of commitment, hard work and also endurance. He has been on the frontline working for achievements and success amongst his clients.

They are always committed to facing the hardships in the country and he has been on the frontline pursuing his dreams for the betterment of his career. In order for one to qualify as a lawyer, it is always a requirement that he must undergo a five-year training in a prestigious school and later is required to pass their bar exams after. Majority of these law students and graduates are required to undertake internships at various law firms for more than six months before they are allowed to practice.

Brazilian law is a combination of so many laws in the land. This is because Brazil lacked their own legal system and they all began by establishing their legal institutions. Brazil has one great lawyer name Ricardo Tosto who happens to have been a reputable lawyer with a lot of experience in the field. He has been working with determination, focus, and due diligence.

Ricardo Tosto has been respected for his understanding of the Brazilian law. He is known as the lawyer who started his career from a very humble beginning to the person he is today. His reputation is awesome and he has been currently recognized as one of the lawyers with the highest number of clients. He has been able to maintain them very well and his mission is to represent them and stand with them every time.

Bridget Scarr: One of the Top Broadcasting Experts to Watch

Bridget Scarr is a London-based songwriter, executive producer, and author. She is skilled in creative direction, marketing, film production, brand communication, content creation, and business management.


About Bridget Scarr


Bridget Scarr has authored numerous exciting content. She has developed compelling digital and television content that has captured both emotional and intellectual attention of many. She has more than a decade of professional experience in video development, animation, and advertising. Bridget Scar has always been responsible for the management of a team comprised of more than 220 technical experts. She is also responsible for creating children’s content, factual entertainment programming, lifestyle, and animation. She currently works at Colibri Studios where she partners with other professionals to bring ideas to life. Bridget Scarr also collaborates with numerous local and international broadcasters to develop captivating programs.


A recap of Bridgett Scarr’s interview with Ideamench


Bridget Scarr started Colibri Studios when she quit her job as a TV producer. Throughout her career life, she had focused on bringing other people’s ideas to life, until she began working at Colibri Studios. Her creativity has since made her develop many projects, including augmented reality, digital content, exhibition projects, and local TV projects. At Colibri Studios, she has the liberty to decide what airs on TV and this gives her sufficient fulfillment.


Bridgett Scarr works consistently from 9-12 and spends her afternoons replying emails, meeting producers and sales agents, following up on alternative projects, and reading. Her evenings are spent watching new series and meditating. Bridget Scarr brings ideas to life depending on a project’s goals and objectives. Virtual reality is one trend that intrigues her. According to Bridget Scarr, this pattern can create limitless possibilities. This medium is memorable to a majority of the people who get a chance to experience it. Bridget Scarr employs creativity and meditation in everything she does. These two attributes are what makes her more creative as a businesswoman. She spends a significant amount her time meditating and nurturing her creative spirit so that she can complete her tasks successfully.


Scarr’s exciting trends


Bridget Scarr believes that the wine business is one of the most lucrative ventures at the moment. She says that the wine app has made wine easily accessible. Currently, it is possible to shop for wine online and have it delivered to one’s doorstep. Aside from the broadcasting business, Bridget Scarr spends her time reading all kinds of books. Her favorite books include “Destressifying: The Real –World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and Peace of Mind.”


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The Philanthropist Adam Milstein Supports Societal Growth

Adam Milstein is the current managing director of Hager Pacific, and he started working at the company when very little was known about its endeavors. In the course of time, and as a result of his input, the company became the best real estate management enterprise. The philanthropist attended the Southern California University upon moving to the United States of America, and he continued to sharpen his skills in business management by undertaking a Master’s in Business Administration.

Through the business skills that he has been able to gain, he has established the Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein Foundation to help Jews in America. The organization uplifts the welfare of Jews who have moved to the United States in search of a job. The agency also promotes cultural practices of the Jews in America so that the youth who go to America from Israel can uphold their traditions.

The Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation has managed to enroll many donors and volunteers who provide the much-needed support. At the moment, the foundation is in a position to offer approximately $2 million in an year to other smaller organizations that specialize in helping the Jews who move to America. Adam married Gila Elgrably in 1974, and they have four daughters who are at the moment living in the United States, but they are also taught on a daily basis the importance of their culture.

The real estate management business provided Adam with a platform to make great leaps forward by allowing him to apply the education that he acquired while in school. Due to the significant returns that Adam obtained from the real estate business, he was able to re-invest the money, not for his gain, but to support Jews in the United States, yet they did not have a place to stay.

Any investment in life requires strategy, and that is what enabled Adam to succeed in the process of establishing the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. The objective of the enterprise is not only to support Jews, but also to build a better relationship with the government.

How Aloha Construction Became a Trendsetter in the Construction Industry

The boom in the construction industry that is expected to be sparked by the growing economy as well as the injection of capital by the government into the sector.This continued positivity in the industry has seen its capability to hire and give quality jobs to citizens increase and more information click here.

Aloha construction has not been left behind by this development, and it has been leading from its main headquarters in Illinois where it began as a family business but today continues to operate as such. The general contractors are not only bonded but also insured meaning that they are fully compliant with the state and federal requirements as contractors.The team at Aloha is lead by their very capable CEO by the name Dave Farbaky who is currently Forty-seven years old. He is a competent leader and has steered the company to greater levels since taking on the mantle at the top.He has revolutionized how the firm handles all its clients leading to more specialization among his employees. This means that as a company he can headhunt talent within the industry and hone there skills by pushing them to work on that specific area they saw in the employee and learn more about Aloha Constructions.

Aloha deals in various aspects of construction which include



The beauty of most homes is defined by the intricacy and refinement of the roof.The roof of any house can say a lot about the taste of an individual as it completes not only its functional purpose but also the aesthetic value of the home and their resume.


Gutter installation

This is one of those very intricate processes in after roofing of any building.Gutters are very sensitive in that they require a lot of precision when installing them. A slight bend or wrong angle could lead to water overshooting the gutter, and a need for new gutter installation arises this is where aloha comes in with the specialist and Aloha Constructions lacrosse camp.



In any house, the siding is very important as it gives character to the home while at the same time protecting the family from weather elements and

Aloha has also not forgotten the value of giving back to the community that has made it who they are, and it is this aspect that has seen them start the Dave Farbaky Foundation.

David McDonald Steers OSI Group to Better Productions in the Food Industry

The former Chief Executive Officer at North American Meat Institute, David McDonald is a degree holder in Animal Science and is currently the Head of Operations at OSI Group International Foods. David McDonald studied at Iowa State University and worked at Marfig Global Foods where he is an Independent Director.

He started working at OSI Groups as a regular employee and later promoted to the company’s Project Manager. His astounding achievements then earned him the topmost leadership position as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. He also works with the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and has over the years provided internship programs for students in Iowa State.

OSI Group is a worldwide company with its headquarters in Aurora. The company aims at distributing and supplying value-added protein products such as sausage links and beef patties and other foodstuff such sandwiches and pizza to other leading food industries. As the company’s president, he has greatly contributed to improving the operation by ensuring that the company produces high-quality products that are fit for consumption and customers’ satisfaction. This has helped in attracting more customers for the company hence opening opportunities for increasing their profits. This has also expanded the supply chain of this food industry. He also stresses on issues pertaining to environmental conservation by putting up ways of curbing pollution coming from the company. Consequently, the company was awarded an ISO14001 certification for their excellence in managing and conserving the environment.

Many of their concerns towards environmental conservation include starting with their immediate environments with an intent of ensuring safety and proper health of the employees. With this under control, the company is assured of increase in its production. Other measures to be implemented include waste management and energy conservation within the company. This is to be achieved through recycling of wastes and possibly having a zero waste management initiative by 2020. All these measures put forward by McDonald provides the company with better operations.

Having helped the company achieve enormous success, McDonald thought that partnering with Baho Food; a Dutch manufacturing food company would lead to the production of snacks and deli meats. This was aimed at helping them gain popularity in Europe. He went ahead and said that this would strengthen their production processes hence providing their customers with better services. This also broadens the market for their products hence earning more profits to the company thus leading to its consistent growth.


The History of Talos Energy

For the last 80 years, oil in Mexico has been drilled by Petroleos Mexicanos which is a state-run monopoly. However, this changed some few months ago when the Mexican government decided to invite foreign competitors to be part of the energy sector. After successful bidding, three companies were awarded the tender to drill oil in Mexico. These companies are Sierra Oil & Gas from Mexico, Talos Energy from the United States and Premier Oil from the United Kingdom. The Mexican government said that the drilling process began on 21st May. The government also revealed that the process is expected to last for 90 days and what Talos Energy knows.

According to the Mexican government, the oil well is referred to as Zama-1 well which is located in Sureste Basin. Sureste Basin is located in Tabasco State. The three companies reported that the project would cost them approximately $16 million. They also announced that they would drill between 100 million and 500 million barrels of oil. According to Elaine Reynolds who works with Edison Investment Research Ltd in London, this partnership will act as the stepping stone for future projects. The standards set in this project will be used in future projects. According to a statement released by the three companies, Premier Oil owns 25 percent of the deal while Sierra Oil & Gas owns 40 percent. The remaining 35 percent is owned by Talos Energy and more information click here.

Talos Energy is an American energy company that operates from Houston, Texas. The company was established in the year 2012. At the moment, Talos Energy specializes in the exploration and drilling of hydrocarbons and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

The company was established through the partnership of Riverstone Holdings and Apollo Global Management. Initially, the company was established with the aim of acquiring assets in the Gulf of Mexico and Gulf Coast region. The company uses state of the art technology in these processes and contact their.

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Karl Heideck Article On Employment Laws

Karl Heideck is among the talented attorneys General in Philadelphia. He attended Swarthmore University and attained a bachelor’s degree in the year 2003. His primary fields include Risk management and compliance practices. He also has knowledge and skills in other areas like corporate laws, product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, and employment law. He has given legal guidelines which concern employment laws for all small companies. From his educational background, he possesses greater skills in different areas.

Karl Heideck has enough experience in ligation process; which includes obtaining personal jurisdiction, pretrial, and post-trial. He also examines cases dealing with acquisitions. He is the best litigator because he is a good listener and empathetic who does not neglect his clients before the end of their cases. Litigation process also crisscrosses areas of motions filings, defendant’s responses, and appeals. He takes legal actions against individuals and organizations for his clients but also defends such people when taken to courts.

Karl Heideck has taught few things that you should keep in mind if you have a business. Labor laws keep on changing, but it is always advisable to have updates on these statutes. He teaches the following on employment laws;

1. Fair Labor Standard Act
This law outlines the rules regarding payments to employees. It highlights the minimum wages foe employees and when they should be paid overtime allowances, and also their working hours.

2. Family And Medical Leave Act
This federal rule gives guidelines on when an employee should be allowed to take leave depending on family issues and needs. When an employee has requested a leave due to family or medical need he/she should not face penalization by either firing them or denying them their health insurances.

3. Age Discrimination In Employment Act
Older employees should be granted rights just like the younger employees. Some employers who discriminate employees above forty years and such companies should face the law.

4. Hiring, Harassment, And Discrimination.
Companies should hire without any discrimination according to Karl Heideck. Employment act prohibits employers from discriminating staff by gender, race, religion, sex, national origin and also age

5. Situations
The complexity of employment laws should not be an excuse for companies to lag behind. Business owners should strictly adhere to employment laws and avoid consulting legal experts about their duties.

For more information about Karl Heideck, just click here.

Adam Milstein and his Journey to Success

Adam Milstein is one of most popular people of the Jewish community. He is a strong believer that success can only be achieved through consistency, persistence as well as follow-up. Adam was born 64 years ago in Israel. Through hard work and commitment, he rose up to become the person that he currently is. Adam Milstein never gave up despite facing lots of difficulties in his way up. He has been involved in many different organizations that are based in the US. Recently, the Jerusalem post named Adam Milstein as “One of the Most Influential Jews of Today”. Adam was mentioned alongside some of the most famous individuals in Israel like Benjamin Netanyahu, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Haim Saban.
Adam Milstein always gives advice to the young people on how to become successful in life. In a recent interview, Adam stated the dangers that come with the thirst to become successful overnight. He said that the journey has to be gradual and does not come easy. Adam Milstein gave an example of how he one time as a student invested all his money in a single investment and in the end made lots of losses. Some of the Jewish organizations that Adam Milstein is involved with include; The BirthRight Israel, Hasbara Fellowships and also StandWithUs. Adam is also involved in philanthropy and is committed a lot in giving back to the community.
Adam Milstein is the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which he established alongside his wife. Through this foundation, he assists Jews who live in the United States in familiarizing themselves with the Jewish culture. Adam Milstein is also involved with the Hager Pacific Properties where he is a partner. He started this venture together with David Hager who is his partner. According to Adam, they started this company after they were frustrated by employers who did not seem to appreciate their knowledge and expertise. A fixed schedule can sometimes be very limiting and Adam Milstein says that he normally let things flow without trying to fix them. Adam Milstein is involved in the real estate industry and believes that there is a lot of potential in the industry.

Adam Milstein the Jewish Philanthropist

Most of you probably know Adam Milstein the real estate investor and all the philanthropy that he has been involved in.Before moving to the United States, Adam served in the Israel defense forces after attaining his bachelor’s degree from the Technion in Israel. He moved with his whole family and first worked as a sales agent at a private real estate firm. Adam Milstein was born and raised in Haifa Israel where he served in the Yom Kippur war, he moved to the U.S to pursue education at the California business school.

Adam Milstein’s philanthropy grew from simple observation of the need to empower the Jewish community living in the United States. Through this observation, Adam and his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation which is involved in a host of activities such as facilitating grants for various organizations and helping Jewish students and professionals to connect with the state of Israel and fully understand their Jewish identity.

Adam was recently shortlisted to the philanthropist and social entrepreneur top 200 for his dedication to community service. Adam Milstein also founded the Israeli-American Council which is mostly involved in fostering the relationship between the U.S and Israel. Adam has not only been recognized for his philanthropy in the U.S but also in his home country. Adam is also a frequent writer in several publications and often speaks about the importance of education to the Jewish people. Adam also spreads his knowledge through various channels such as podcasts which have a huge following thereby a great impact.

Adam Milstein is also an established premium real estate investors in the Los Angeles area apart from his dedication to Jewish philanthropy. Adam however is committed to active philanthropy where his foundation and staff are dedicated to connecting like-minded non-profit organizations to work together and amplify their impact. Adam through his family’s foundation has contributed greatly to the cooperation between pro-Israeli organizations and the U.S.Milstein has worked tirelessly to improve opportunities for Jews and advocates for people all over the world to learn Hebrew. He is closely involved in the works he is involved in and that sets him apart.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho work in the Brazilian legal fraternity

Law firms in Brazil continue to be one of the leading lights and when it comes to the advancement made in their legal processes. Which have been achieved through the continuous amendments made in the Constitution, for example, one that came into effect in 2004 allowing the courts to use judicial precedent when determining cases.

In Brazil, some of the top legal law firms have been able to produce world renown lawyers and one of this firms is Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados Associados headed by Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho the senior most partner. Since 1991 he has been a partner at the firm overseeing its growth to become one of the biggest and best law firms in Brazil.Not only is it financially stable but has some of the best lawyers working for it giving it the ability to venture into all legal fields.Corporate law, however, is what its most prominent for and Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalhois a top litigant in this field he represents the top corporations, non-governmental organizations as well as individuals and using his experience and skill has been able to successfully defend his clients at every level.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s firm also has experience in other fields that include copyright, economic and competitive law, commercial law, property, administrative law, environmental law, banking law, intellectual and computer law, civil law, consumer law, , international law, labor law, law electoral and partisan corporate criminal law among others. For more info about us: click here.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho who studied law at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie also encourages his lawyers to take up pro bono cases as it helps those that may not be in a position to hire the services of a lawyer or his services but are deserving in every sense.

As one of the top firms in the country Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados Associados has been consulted widely on many occasions by the government and other bodies and it has helped in the coming up of laws that are of economic value to the county. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is also a firm believer in environmental issues and has identified a department in his firm that deals with the various aspects and laws that have recently been enacted in Brazil and help companies adhere and navigate them without getting on the wrong side of the law.