An invention by Whitney Wolfe that has changed the dating world

Early life and education history

Whitney Wolfe was born in the State of Utah in 1990. She attained hr degree in International Studies at the University of Southern Methodist. Her entrepreneurial mind started in college when she was only 19. During this time, Whitney Wolfe used to sell bags and other stuff that was necessary for the college students. She had other projects while at school, most of which were not meant to make profits. After her graduation, Wolfe moved to different places with the intention of working in orphanage organizations.

Bumble BFF and how it operates

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe started a website where people could meet and socialize. During this period, she was a cofounder of another social dating site, but she later decided to come up with a way in which to connect people from different places. In the website, there are only two options for communication. A user can only swipe towards the right when initiating a conversation with an interested party or swipe towards left if there is not interest in communication. The application operates fashionable place in such a way that only females can initiate the conversation and not the males.

The motivation to start Bumble BFF

During her years as a student, Whitney Wolfe observed how people operated. She always saw men approaching women for relationships, but no girl was allowed to make the first move. According to her, she would be interested in a man, but since she was afraid of general perception, it was hard for her to get the right match. Because of this, she initiated the application where ladies could get their choices without having to go through a lot of torture. This motivation pushed her to include a section where only ladies could initiate a conversation fashion section , and no man was allowed to start.

The app has the same features, but the functionality is reduced when a man wants to initiate a conversation with a woman. Currently, the app has connected over 12 million people both in the United States and the United Kingdom. The population is rapidly rising. The app is currently ranked at a total worth of about $500 million which places Whitney Wolfe at the level of the world’s richest entrepreneurs.

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