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An invention by Whitney Wolfe that has changed the dating world

Early life and education history

Whitney Wolfe was born in the State of Utah in 1990. She attained hr degree in International Studies at the University of Southern Methodist. Her entrepreneurial mind started in college when she was only 19. During this time, Whitney Wolfe used to sell bags and other stuff that was necessary for the college students. She had other projects while at school, most of which were not meant to make profits. After her graduation, Wolfe moved to different places with the intention of working in orphanage organizations.

Bumble BFF and how it operates

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe started a website where people could meet and socialize. During this period, she was a cofounder of another social dating site, but she later decided to come up with a way in which to connect people from different places. In the website, there are only two options for communication. A user can only swipe towards the right when initiating a conversation with an interested party or swipe towards left if there is not interest in communication. The application operates fashionable place in such a way that only females can initiate the conversation and not the males.

The motivation to start Bumble BFF

During her years as a student, Whitney Wolfe observed how people operated. She always saw men approaching women for relationships, but no girl was allowed to make the first move. According to her, she would be interested in a man, but since she was afraid of general perception, it was hard for her to get the right match. Because of this, she initiated the application where ladies could get their choices without having to go through a lot of torture. This motivation pushed her to include a section where only ladies could initiate a conversation fashion section , and no man was allowed to start.

The app has the same features, but the functionality is reduced when a man wants to initiate a conversation with a woman. Currently, the app has connected over 12 million people both in the United States and the United Kingdom. The population is rapidly rising. The app is currently ranked at a total worth of about $500 million which places Whitney Wolfe at the level of the world’s richest entrepreneurs.

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Dr Walden Highlights the Importance of Empathy in Patient Care

Dr Jennifer Walden is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Austin, TX. Most of her patients are quite aware of just how skilled she is. But it’s worth considering how some of that skill comes into play. One of the biggest reasons for her success is the simple fact that she has a lot more understanding of what her patients are going through than the average cosmetic surgeon. Despite the fact that the majority of cosmetic surgery patients are women, there’s only 180 female surgeons in the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Furthermore, there’s only around 12 practicing female plastic surgeons in the entirety of Texas.

These numbers serve to highlight a unique advantage which Dr. Walden is able to bring to the table. She obviously has tremendous skill as a surgeon. But she also has the full experience that comes from being a woman in today’s society. When people come for plastic surgery they’re looking for very specific outcomes. Oftentimes it involves issues which derive from a woman’s unique biology and which men simply aren’t as equipped to understand on anything more than a technical level.

It’s this deeper level of understanding which makes Dr. Walden stand out from the crowd. She’s a plastic surgeon who isn’t just focused on how a surgery will be performed, but also what a patient wants to accomplish with it. This is a broader way of looking at the subject that has a far higher rate of satisfaction than the more limited and technical side of surgery. 91% of plastic surgery is done on women. And as she’s pointed out in the past, these surgeries are seldom done to conform to a male ideal of beauty. Instead it’s about a woman’s own view of herself and what she wants to see in the mirror. It’s something that oftentimes only another woman can fully grasp. And it’s one of many reasons why Dr. Walden’s patients speak of her in such glowing terms. To know more click here.


Dr Rick Shinto, A Guide To Success

The mention of Dr Rick Shinto is greeted with familiarity among his peers and the healthcare sector at large. Dr Shinto is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of InnovaCare Health. This is a leading managed healthcare provider in North America. Dr Shinto is a well learned individual with a B.S from the University of California at Irvine, Medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and an MBA from the University of Redlands. He did his medical internship in Southern California.

From basic employment at Internship level, Dr Shintos Resume has grown in leaps and bounds throughout his medical career. He has worked at management level as the Chief Medical Officer for Medical Pathways Management company before joining NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer. Prior to his employment as the CEO of InnovaCare he worked as the CEO of Aveta Inc. where he got the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award in 2012. The award recognizes outstanding entrepreneurs and professionals for their exemplary services in different capacities of the economy. These are but only some of his great achievements in the healthcare sector and are a contribution to his success at InnovaCare.

Despite his academic achievements, most of the employees at InnovaCare attribute the success of the firm to his personality and charm. Dr Rick Shinto has put in place systems that ensure an efficient working environment for the employees. A satisfied employee work force ensures that there is a high level of professionalism and accountability. Accordingly, Dr Shinto pegs the success of InnovaCare to, proper channels of communication from junior level to management level and emphasizing on good working relationships between employees. These are conducive strategies to a thriving business environment. However the ultimate source of success in Dr Shintos view is Transparency within the business.

This recap of Dr Shintos achievement wouldn’t be complete without mentioning his contribution to the medical publications literary scene. As a healthcare guru, he has written several helpful works on clinical medicine. Most of his works are a source of reference for budding medical practitioners.


Eric Lefkofsky Leading the Way for Data-Enabled Medicine

Eric Lefkofsky is changing the way cancer treatment is viewed.

Lefkofsky is the co-founder and chairman of Groupon, but he’s also made a significant impact on the healthcare industry. He is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus. Tempus has been striving for data-driven cancer treatment. This is the result of Lefkofsky’s donations to cancer research.

As the number of adults facing a cancer diagnosis in the United States draws near 40 percent, new ways to battle the disease are constantly being sought after. The search is now more crucial than ever, as 19 million U.S. citizens are expected to live with cancer by the year 2024. To maximize precision, Lefkofsky has focused on data-based medicine.

Tempus has created an operating system to fight cancer. The idea is a patient’s clinical and molecular data can be analyzed to great effect to maximize the chance of recovery. It wasn’t easy for Tempus to reach this point, as the cost of the data as well as accessibility caused some issues and learn more about Eric.

Advancements in science and technology have helped alleviate this problem. The cost of obtaining genomic information through human genome sequencing was cut down from $100 million in 2003 to just $5,000. Thanks to companies such as Tempus, that cost is expected to be reduced and more information click here.

When Lefkofsky left his position as the CEO of Groupon, he put his focus on Tempus. At the time, not much was known about the company other than it was a health-tech startup with the goal of modernizing cancer treatment. Over one year later, Tempus has made their mission clear.

While Lefkofsky was born in Michigan, he now resides in Chicago. There, he performs his duties at Tempus and is on the board of directors of Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. His efforts for a cancer-free country have not gone unnoticed and Eric’s lacrosse camp.