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Entrepreneur & Philanthropist Eric Pulier

From an early age, Eric Pulier was interested in computers and technology. In fourth grade, he was programming computers and by the time he was in high school he had created a database computer company. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1988 where he majored in English and American literature. He also wrote nearly 30 articles for The Harvard Crimson during his final years at the university. From there, he has gone on to found a multitude of companies and is currently the Chief Technology Officer, Secretary, and Director of Santa Monica Media Corporation.


Mr. Pulier is a member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative and he participated in Al Gore’s health care and technology forum. Some of the many companies he has either founded or co-founded include Media Platform and Desktone. Media Platform is the leading rich media video platform then enables on-demand video content management. Desktone offers desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) which delivers Windows desktops and applications as a cloud service.


During his career, his philanthropic interests have led him to become a donor to several charitable organizations. He sits on the board of the X-Prize Foundation, who designs and organizes competitions that are intended to encourage technological advances for worldwide benefits. Mr. Pulier also is involved with The Painted Turtle. This organization has created a summer camp in California for children who face life-threatening and chronic illness.


As a well-known author and public speaker, Eric Pulier has been able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the ventures he has founded and co-founded. In his book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, he advises technologists and business people on how to move between technology and business-level concerns with confidence. His life-long love of technology and his drive to help others reach their full potential is abundantly clear in all of the works he has accomplished.

Nathaniel Ru – article recap

Sweetgreen offers a fast-casual dining experience tailored towards consumers who like fresh and healthy food. Since opening its first store in 2007, the management did not look back as the increasing demand for its products forced the company to open several store fronts in major cities across the United States. So far, there are more than 1,700 highly dedicated employees who work at Sweetgreen.


According to its founder, Nathaniel Ru, the food chain distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering healthy and freshly produced snacks that are offered in large quantities. It also means that the customer does not feel hungry after 45 minutes. In fact, generous quantities of salad and related ingredients are backed by very reasonable prices.


Explaining Sweetgreen’s success, Nathaniel indicated that he wanted to open his store in localities where customers would like to take three meals a day. Based on the idea, his outlets are not located on busy streets of downtown where most of the customer are either visitors or professionals who mostly come out for a quick lunch. Instead, stores are located in hip and trendy neighborhoods where there is a substantial local population who crave for a healthy food all day long. As a result, the demographics of the clients are typical locals who love active lifestyle. As such, these locals are willing to wait 10 to 15 minutes in line three times a day to get a more personalized service.


The success is also attributed to the open-kitchen where customers can easily view the different ingredients. As soon as the customer walks in a Sweetgreen store, they are welcomed by a fresh aroma of food. The clean and organized environment also has a positive impact on the customer who are always greeted by smiling customer service agents willing to help. The service is extended with one-on-one personalized service where each customer is taken through the preparation process of the meal. Doing so, helps the customer make their own decisions. In fact, the added time to provide customer service is compensated by increased customer satisfaction.


Nathaniel Ru also explained that all of their ingredients are transported from over 300 farms around the nation every day. In addition, the company also offer newer ingredients. As such, the seasonal menu rotates several times during the year. Giving an example of new produce, Nathaniel explained how they convinced a farmer in California to sell them leaves of the Broccoli crown, which are often ignored.


The company has become a taught leader in its industry. Banking on its success, Sweetgreen has ventured into other sectors including music festivals, philanthropy, and lifestyle space. As of 2016, the company operated 64 stores in several major U.S. States.