Dherbs Cleanse Does A Body Good


If you have been watching the Steve Harvey show you might have heard about a product that uses all natural herbs to provide you with a natural 20 day cleanse. This is not just another run or the mill cleanse. This all natural program helps to cleanse the body using herbs and will also detox and rejuvenate the body. There are herbs that are known to enhance and strengthen the immune system and improve the skin’s complexion.


When you body feels free from the toxins and it feels strengthened, your energy levels rise. With an increased energy level you can get more done on a daily basis and your mind will feel more focused. As a result, you will have a positive outlook on life, healthy libido and improved circulation. Oxygen will be able to get to your body faster and you will feel much better overall. These are just a few of the results that most people see once they have started on the 20 day full body cleanse.


Dherbs.com developed this cleanse with the full body in mind. It is to be used over a twenty day period. Because the body is always taking in toxins, it is best to use the product as directed so the body starts to operate at full efficiency.


Dherbs.com offers many products and each one has several unique benefits, however, it is recommended that everyone starts with the twenty day full body cleanse.

Dherbs.com did their best to account for everything when they designed this cleanse. All of the parts of your body have a set of herbs that are working to keep those body parts in tip, top shape. Blood and Lymphatic systems, cardiovascular, liver, gallbladder, lungs and all the other parts too. This is a total cleanse and that is not all the Dherbs.com does, they also list a bunch of foods and food preparation ideas that are good for you and easy to fix up, some of which also appear on their Tumblr page.


Yelp reviewers point out that our bodies were designed to heal themselves and this cleanse will allow your body to restart that process. If you or someone you know and love are looking for a great way to feel better and live a longer, more satisfied life, you owe it to yourself to check out this full body cleanse and the other information that Dherbs puts into place.

The Secret behind the Sweetgreen’s Success in the American Food Industry

Sweetgreen is fast casual restaurant that operates more than 31 stores in the United Nations. The company was launched in 2007 by its founders, Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru and Jonathan Neman. By then, the three friends were undergraduate students in Georgetown University taking a business course.


In an interview with Nicholas Jammet, one of Sweetgreen’s co-founder attested that the company had made great developments since they started it from scratch with limited starting capital to open their first shop.


Jammet, Ru, and Neman, were funded by their relatives and a group of 40 friends to open Sweetgreen’s first store in Georgetown. Unlike other successful companies, their major investors were family friends, Danny Meyer and VC Firm Revolution.


Jammet said that the investors were attracted to support them due to their entrepreneurial spirit and a unique business plan that was ideal for a successful business. To date, they enjoy good relations with their investors due to their demonstration of hard work and demonstrated success.


Sweetgreen’s founders were inspired to venture into the business industry by their parents who are also entrepreneurs. Jammet’s parents run La Caravelle Champagnes while Ru and Neman’s parents were also running their own business ventures.


After comparing servings of various meals from restaurants in Georgetown, they discovered that none offered a fresh Salad. For this reason, they considered it an opportunity to start Sweetgreen that provided healthy salad servings using local acquired fresh, natural ingredients.


To outdo their business rivals, the trio agreed to deliver services based on three qualities. They ensured that they selected professional experts to prepare their servings, the founders provided that they gave outstanding customer service and above all they ensure that they enjoyed quality relationships with employees, clients, and their suppliers.


To attract more customers, they made sure that their servings were beautifully dressed. Each of the serving was made with the best flavor and made highly nutritious. To move in tandem with the current social trends, they ensured that their clients could make orders using a mobile phone and pass by to collect their packed salad. They also launched a mobile phone app with the aim of ensuring that their clients remained close.


Based on their wealth of knowledge in business, Sweetgreen’s founders are industry enthusiasts. Nathaniel Ru runs four investments in US. His other investments are in companies such as LOLA, Bond Street, EatPoPs, and Meundies.



Madison Street Capital Recognized in Mergers and Acquisitions Category

The world of investment banking can be a tough and perilous one. Companies start up and fail all the time, crushed by the big fish in the pond before they can even get started. Rules and regulations can change constantly, leading to increased overhead costs without warning leading to stunted growth and unhappy employees. Customers and clients look for a track record of experience and success, which makes getting started even tougher. That’s what makes Madison Street Capital so impressive. Recently, the Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Firm announced that Madison Street Capital was a finalist at the 15th annual Mergers and Acquisition Awards.

Madison Street Capital could earn the award for merger and acquisition of the year for purchasing Acuna and Associates. This deal was extremely challenging to pull off because the deal was across country borders. This means there are increased rules and regulations along with a large number of legal fees and taxes to deal with. International deals are almost never profitable unless one side is getting a very negative result. This deal not only was pulled off with aplomb, but also yielded a very large benefit for both parties involved. Therefore, this deal is worthy of being recognized by the awards committee.

Furthermore, Madison Street Capital is up for the boutique firm of the year. Boutique is a certain size of investment banking firm. Therefore, this award recognizes the success that smaller firms have had and helps to catapult them into the spotlight, garnering them an increased amount of interest and traction. Without a doubt, the deal pulled by in acquiring Acuna and Associates is one of the major reasons they are up for this award. More information can be found on the awards on Benzinga.com.

Madison Street Capital is an investment advisory firm that helps to oversee many different mergers and acquisitions every year. They are committed to helping customers and clients achieve success and grow their businesses to new and unforeseen heights. Using the highest integrity and a unique combination of young ideas from those fresh out of school with the veteran experience and savvy leadership at the top, Madison Street Capital has worked hard to establish an unparalleled track record of successful deals. As they have grown, Madison Street Capital has become a leader in the global economy and world of finance and serves as a perfect example of what an investment advisory firm should be. As they take on new clients every day, Madison Street Capital makes sure that their goals line up with the customer’s goals to make sure they act in the best interest of the customer when mediating their deals. By focusing on emerging markets, Madison Street Capital is always at the forefront of the financial world.

Global Entrepreneur And Philanthropist, Keith Mann

Kieth Mann has a lot of experience in different areas, and he is currently the director and co-founder of Dynamics Search Partners in New York. He is capable of working with hedge fudges, employee strategy, and he is a highly successful entrepreneur. Before taking up his position and establishing Dynamics Search Partners, Keith was a manager for Dynamics Executive Search. He ended up starting Alternative Investment Practices with them in 2002, which led to his current company. As a leading executive searching company, they take care of hiring and staffing issues for alternative investment firms.

Not only is Keith Mann a successful entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer for Dynamics Search Partners, but he is also an avid philanthropist, always wanting to help out others. He held a fundraising event and started a partnership with Uncommon Schools, while managing to raise more than $22,000 dollars to help give students scholarships in order to attend college. Before even starting the fundraiser, Keith’s company had already generously donated $10,000 dollars to Uncommon Schools to help in their endeavors. He was even willing to get involved during the anti-police protests in New York by making lunches for the officers staying on duty.

To top it all off, Keith Mann and his wife also opened up their scholarship program for professional achievements, which was designed to recognize those with the talent to be leaders for the coming generation. Applicants for the program need to write out an essay containing at least 1,000 words detailing how a scholarship and degree will help them achieve their career goals.

Keith’s company, Dynamics Search Partners is current filling upwards of 200 different client orders each year, making them one of the biggest hedge fund staffers in the industry. The company currently works out of the United States, Asia, and Europe, offering talent to investments firms from all over. Keith Mann is a key figure and driver for the company, taking the company to even greater levels as time goes on.

Don Ressler, The CEO of JustFab

When your company is the one with the $1 Billion in valuation, it’s hard not to feel successful. But the powerful CEO and founder of the company is named Don Ressler and he is quite humble and nice about his success. He realized that his time around him invested a lot of time and energy and that it was the result of years of hard work and practice, not just an overnight success.

Still, Ressler has quite the impressive resume. Ressler didn’t just start JustFab, which boasts over two rounds and $77 million of funding from Matrix Partners, a venture capital firm, but he also had a number of other businesses. In fact, it was these other earlier businesses which put him in the position of being able to go out and hunt down the investments he needed. Now, Ressler sits atop a company that has Kimora Lee Simmons as the creative director and President. That is a fashion mogul that is not a bad person to have running your operations.

And with Fabletics, one of the newest additions to the brand that Ressler has created (called Intelligent Beauty, which owns the other brands under that umbrella), Kate Hudson is leading the way. You may have seen her face and voice on commercials everywhere as they ramp up for more sales. They even recently bought out a competitor called ShoeDazzle.

The plan is really to cover up most of the fashion and beauty markets, it appears. And they are doing that successfully. They have acquired a number of other companies in the space for multiple millions of dollars on Pando, such as e-commerce fashion retail companies from Europe and more. And they also have a direct to consumer fashion line for cosmetics and skin care products called DERMASTORE. Along with that, there is SENSA which focuses on weight loss solutions, a market that is never going away.

With the combination of all these products, it appears that the company is very profitable. However, the firm has not released their official financial statements to the public. Don Ressler started out by building his own company from scratch, teaming with a friend, and selling before moving on to his current empire. While his markets may have been different, one thing certainly seems to stay the same. Don Ressler knows how to find markets, create products, and get them in the hands of consumers everywhere.

Thor Halversson Works Hard To Fight For Human Rights

To Thor Halvorssen, the most important thing he can do is to use his time, money, and talent to fight for the human rights of people who are otherwise oppressed and have a difficult time fighting back. That’s why the 39 year old half- Venezulan half-Norwegian founded the New York based Human Rights Foundation in 2005. Since then he has worked tirelessly fighting for the end of dictatorships and other violators of human rights.

According to the Weekly Standard, Halvorssen is known for burning the candle on both ends, so to speak. Not only is he the leader and founder of this dedicated organizaion, but he also works as a fimmaker, creating documentaries that help to illustrate the lives and struggles that people around the world face.

Halvorssen is not your average do-gooder with a lot of money and time. Instead, he is a man on a mission. He knows first hand what it is like to live under an oppressive regime. He was born and raised in Caracass, Venezula, and experienced numerous hardships during his childhood. When he was young his father was arrested for his political beliefs and his mother was shot by police during an otherwise peaceful demonstration protesting his father’s arrest.

These experiences fuel Halvorssen, which is why he works so hard. One of his current missions involves fighting against the North Korean goverment, and his efforts have earned him the nickname “Troublemaker for Tyrants”. He helps to smuggle information out of North Korea by providing dissenters with special flashdrives and a wiki page where they can share their stories and experiences.

Halvorssen and his organization believe that the best way to stop dictatorships is by sharing the stories of the people who are living under them. By getting the word out and exposing these human rights violations, the hope is that organizations with more authority, such as governments and the UN will use their resources to end these human rights violations. In the meantime, Thor Halvorssen and his organizaion will continue to work hard and spread awareness of their cause until everyone’s human rights are respected.

Fighting Back Against Negative Comments

Often, a business or an individual might perform a quick name search online and they are shocked at the returned results. They discover that their business or name returns negative results that simply aren’t true or hurtful. Certainly, it is difficult for a small business to a larger corporation to maintain a positive image with a lot of negative comments surfing around online. There are two actions to take. Simply ignore the negative comments and keep your head buried in the sand. Or take immediate action to bury negative search results with the help of the following.

Bring the Noise
Perhaps, there are several negative comments on search engine results. The best course of action is to bring the noise. Solicit loyal customers and fans to post positive reviews and comments on forums, message boards, and review sites about the business. Ask loyal customers to write positive reviews about the company or their products continually through the year. All this positive noise will bury negative news and comments about the company. Don’t just stop at that point. Remember, that the company’s online reputation is on the line. Keep soliciting reviews and comments from loyal customers and fans throughout the year.

Press Releases
Press Releases are a very good way to build an online positive reputation with the media and the public. Release a new press release several times a year. Release one every time a new product hits the market, on a website improvement, or concerning updates about the company. Press Releases tend to rise to the top of search engine results and bury negative press.

Build Your Own Reputation
Certainly, an online reputation management team will help to bury bad news, but there is much that a company can do now to build their own positive reputation. Start a blog and post comments daily. Build profiles on all the social media sites and keep them updated. Buy up all the popular domain extensions and build websites with positive information, pictures, and comments about the company.

Bury Bad Articles
Every company should take steps to protect their brand name. Don’t let negative comments destroy a reputation that took years to build. The fact is that negative comments cost a company money. Negative comments could destroy the company completely. Bury Bad Articles are the leading authority on pushing down negative press for their clients. We work hard to build a better reputation and positive future for the client.

White Shark Media Review With Emphasis On Contribution To The Industry

White Shark Media, which was established in 2011 by three experienced professional marketers, is a renowned digital marketing agency that has dominated the Latin American and U.S. markets. Through the years, the company has had to fight challenges to become one of the few agencies recognized by Google and Bing as trusted partners.

One of the strategies applied by White Shark Media is the conversion of complaints posted by customers into ideas and implementing them for the benefit of the customers. This step has helped the agency to come up with various features that have helped to make it one of the few in the market with unique strategies that are focused at taking marketing to a higher level.

Positive testimonials

As witnessed on the testimonials page of the agency, you will realize how happy most of the clients are. Most of the complements available on this section highlight the efficiency and reliability White Shark Media has displayed in all their operations. Most importantly, clients are expressing hope in working with the company in their future projects due to the proven record they have achieved.

Watch the video that explains more:


For example, a law firm from Canada confirms that since they began working with White Shark Media, their returns have doubled and are able to earn as much as $10,000 weekly, and this has been growing.

This is also the same case with a cosmetics company, which was able to make more sales just few weeks after signing up with White Shark Media Review team for a four months marketing campaign. There are many customers who have appreciated the good services offered by the agency, and this is part of what inspires White Shark Media to offer even better services.

AdWords and Bing Certified Experts

Every client is handed over to a dedicated and focused professional with massive experience in PPC marketing. Most of these professionals have a proven track record and are specialist in both local and international campaigns. Your supervisor will help you understand every step along the way and will also assist you in coming up with profitable strategies.


White Shark Media is a proud representative working with Bing Ads and the company has a badge on its website to confirm this. Most importantly, the agency is among 29 companies that were selected by Google to join the Premier SMB Partner program that is aimed at promoting small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Midas Legacy


Midas Legacy makes its living off of helping people out with their investments. Midas helps everyone from your typical entrepreneur to the average Joe. When you join The Midas Legacy, you are becoming part of something big. You are not just a client, you are treated like one of the family. Midas is like any other family. They protect their keep. They protect their own.

Now, over the years there have been a lot of myths going around about investing. These myths are part of the reason why some have not come to invest with Midas yet. Midas is looking to debunk a few of the myths that surround investing; and by extension, themselves too. The Midas Legacy’s hope is that you will begin to see them and the idea of investing with a fresher set of eyes.


The whole idea of being risk-free is, at best, a theoretical notion. Any time you invest in some sort of bond, mutual fund or stocks, there is some sort of risk involved. The U.S. 30-year Treasury Bond is currently at an all time low of 3.40%. This low has raised the myth that it’s all risk-free. We will say this much. These bonds are less risky than others out there.

Read more:
Want real wealth? Trick your brain…

Midas Legacy – About Us


This is something that, once again, is only good in theory. Are there some who are smarter than others? Yes, there are. It’s best to work with a group of people, like those from the Midas Firm. This way you can get a varied perspective on different options on themidaslegacy.com. It’s kind of like only buying one investment and hoping it makes it. Sometimes you have to have a diversified portfolio, just so you can offset some of the risks. Same goes for working with just one person. There’s a risk there. You have to diversify your financial team as you diversify your investments.


There are some situations where maintaining a passive approach does make sense. There are other times when it does not. The point is, don’t get bogged down into one way of doing things. There are times when you have pounce on something or it won’t be yours.

If you can’t discern which situation you are in, then ask Midas Legacy for help. Midas Legacy is not just about the money. They invest in people first, then the money comes second.

Midas is waiting to invest in you. Are you ready to invest in them?

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: http://themidaslegacy.com/giving/

Focus on SEC Whistleblower Attorney

There are whistleblowers in various areas that are breaking their silence on several violations on securities that are relevant to the SEC. The Congress enacted in 2010 the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. This has been the most overhauling regulations of all the existing U.S. Financial regulations ever since the Great Depression era. This Dodd-Frank Act brought about the whistleblower program establishment. The program provides some major financial incentives and also employment protections for the people who will blow the whistle against violators of the federal securities law by reporting to the SEC.


The first Law firm to setup a dedicated practice to protect the SEC whistleblowers in the country was the Labaton Sucharow. The representation to the whistleblowers is hinged on the securities litigation platform that is leading in the profession. The practice is composed of various world-class experts like investigators, financial analysts and forensic accountants. These experts are well experienced in federal and also state law enforcement that will be unmatched as they act for the whistleblowers. The practice itself will be under the leadership of Jordan A. Thomas. He has prior experience in this field as he was once the assisting Chief Litigation Counsel as well as the Assistant Director in the department of enforcement at SEC. He was also part of the team that developed the Whistleblower Program as a leader at SEC.


SEC will be liable to pay the whistleblowers who will be eligible a 10-30% of total sanctions it collects following its enforcement actions that will be successful and over $1 million. They will also be entitled to get more additional awards from the various sanctions that will be made by other diverse regulatory and enforcement organizations. The employees will also be entitled to protection from retaliations by their employers when they decide to become SEC whistleblowers. When these whistleblowers are represented by an attorney, they are able to make a report on all the securities violations they are aware of using anonymous ways.


How do you Contact the SEC Whistleblower Attorney


If anyone needs more information about this program by the SEC or want to have a case evaluation done, you can easily contact a SEC Whistleblower attorney via telephone, email and electronic submission. All case evaluations and consultations are usually done free of charge, are confidential and protected by the advocate-client privileges. During the very first consultation with the attorney, it is not advisable to fully disclose your identity and the identities of the possible securities violators. International whistleblowers will have translation services offered.